Friday, April 23, 2010

Overdue. Over it.

40 weeks 4 days pregnant. That is no small feat. I'm proud of myself for lasting this long, as if I had a choice. So far, I've managed to avoid a major meltdown. And I'm hoping writing this blog post prevents me from a real nervous breakdown that I feel brimming on the horizon.

This is unpleasant, being this darn pregnant. In the mornings, I wake up, realize I'm still pregnant and fight the urge to cry. Come on! I want to meet our son and not be so darn pregnant for another moment.

To my friends, all of you, that are expecting, I wish each of you a nice, easy to decipher water breakage around 38 weeks. Hopefully the only way you are familiar with the side effects of a post due pregnancy are through my experiences.

Here are my overdue thoughts, learnings and complaints - for those who want to read my whining.
  • This freaking hurts. These cute little kicks and rolls are now full fledge assaults on my innards. I feel bruised from the inside out. Now, I'm glad he's moving around so that I won't need to be paranoid about 'decreased fetal movement', whatever that really means. But, wow, it hurts.
  • I wasn't upset with my weight gain (nor was I thrilled, though) - until the last 4 weeks. When did it become humanly possible to gain 4 lbs a week? Water weight, water weight, but it's still weight. That I have to lug around. Which brings me to the next item...
  • Nothing fits. To a crazy stupid extreme. My leggings are stretched to the max. I should be embarrassed to type that, I suppose, but I'm not. I'm over it. Rusty said to me last night, "Wow, those pants sure do you look beautiful on you." Being completely sarcastic. Thank you, honey. You remember that when you see your son for the first time.
  • My face is puffy. Unattractive. My knees are twice the size of Rusty's. No joke.
  • Where did my pregnancy hair go? Seriously? It was the one thing I could count on.
  • I've shaved my legs more in the last week than in the last 9 months 'in case' I go into labor. I cannot control much, but I can be sure my legs are not stubbly.
  • In the middle of the night, I can feel the poofiness of the tops of my feet when I shuffle to the bathroom. That is gross.
  • I've been in multiple stores and told things such as, "We don't deliver babies here." and "Shall I go boil a pot of water just in case?" Really? Come on people.
  • Then, there's the precious, blessed pedicurist yesterday who said "I didn't make the water hot because I know that would be miserable for you." Bless you, woman. My toes look fabulous.
  • Having to start every single phone call with "No, I'm not in labor, but guess what blah blah (insert totally normal conversation here)" is getting old. So is missing a call and knowing that person is thinking I'm in labor at Rex. I then feel the need to immediately release them from this false excitement.
  • Which then again puts me saying for the ten zillionth time, "No, I'm not in labor or anything of the sort." Or "No, he's not here yet." Which then reminds me that I'm not in labor - again. Because I needed another reminder. :)
  • Being pregnant and a project manager are not complimentary things at the end. Sure, they are great when you are planning, researching, shopping and setting up house. Not great when you are used to having a good, solid grip on things and find yourself left with no control.
  • Despite all he does, nothing Rusty does is good enough or sympathetic enough right now. That's not his fault entirely, but really if he says he's going to bed early because he's 'soooo tired' one more time I may explode. Love you, babe.
  • Yes, I'm bouncing on my exercise ball. Yes, I'm walking. Yes, I've done every chore in my house that could somehow maybe induce labor. I'm over all of that. He'll come when he's good and ready. He and God have that worked out and apparently I'm just not clued in yet.
  • If I'm told on Monday that I'm going to be induced any time past Monday, I will probably lose it on the table. Rusty, be prepared for that.
I'm sure I'll immediately say this was all worth it after meeting Asher. But right now, I'm freaking miserable. And I'm allowed that, I've decided.


Rusty said...

It'll be worth it!

Anonymous said...

At this stage, you have every right to feel misrable. Just think, it want be as long now as it has been. Take it easy on Rusty, he is as anxious as you. One thing in your favor, we are having nice weather. You want melt when you go outside!!

Melissa said...

I absolutely love this post. I have laughed and laughed and laughed at your dry humor. This is one of the reasons I love you so!

I know you and Rusty are super anxious...and I can't even imagine how uncomfortable you are at this point. Keep the posts coming! :)

toddmoy said...

Hilarious. Be sure to hold this over Asher's head, forever.

Tiffany said...

Try to keep your head up. I have decided that I shall not complain about the aches, pains and discomforts I feel at 36 weeks pregnant in honor of your marathon of a pregnancy! You are a superwoman and will be a super mom. Love ya, Tiffany.

Anonymous said...

Hi Kira

I totally know how you feel. I was 2 weeks over due and then had to deal with all the marital drama. I am so thankful that Rusty is so good to you and being there to support you and I know he is going to make a great Dad. You are both so anxious and it makes it difficult. If there was anything I or any of the family could do we would. The only thing we can do is surround you with love and keep praying. So---I send lots of love and I am continually praying for you. Love and Prayers from Fontana! Love, Susan

rmtraleigh said...

Hang in there Kira! I never could have made it to a full 40 weeks. You've done great and you will completely forget how bad the end has been once he gets here. In fact you will completely forget everything, b/c somehow you will no longer be able to remember a thing. So much joy awaits you. Pregnancy was the ultimate test of patience for me and you've done great. The end is near!

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