Monday, April 26, 2010

Ready (as can be) at Rex

Well we are at Rex all checked in and induction process underway. Today at the doc Asher looked healthy (and "not small") but seems my body needed the help of some drugs to help progress into labor. (I say "no duh" as I was at 41 weeks with no real progress.)

So here we are. The real fun begins tomorrow when we meet our son. Doesn't feel real just yet.

Here is a pic Rusty insisted on sharing. He thinks the packing of my hot rollers is hilarious but really it's the easiest way to let me be lazy with my hair and still look decent. So if the urge strikes to feel halfway normal I can easily spruce up. See? Not so diva. :)

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peanut said...

You look great!! May be a "ponytail" day!
Love the gown:)Can't wait to meet Asher.
Hope you can get some rest tonight...You
have a big day ahead of you!!

Anonymous said...

You look smaller in this picture! No matter how large your stomach is after Asher arrives, it will feel really small to you. Good feeling.
You are all in my thoughts and prayers for a fast and safe delivery. I am looking forward to pictures.

Melissa said...

Good morning Kira and family! I can't believe today is the day!! I love you and am so proud of you. I have my phone on if you need me to help you PUSH! :)

Denise said...

Congratulations on making it to the finish line. As you go through the day, know that we will all be thinking about you and wishing you an exciting day.

To Asher: Welcome to a wonderful family, Asher. As you start life, know that you are starting with one foot ahead, a wonderful family.

I love you all dearly!

Anonymous said...

Kira and Rusty- we are all here at Cille's house cheering you on! you know we cant wait. (obviously). Diddy just got out here with a (NOT carolina blue) ribbon to go on Cille's mailbox when Mr.Ash Ray arrives! I assigned that project to Barry! :) Zack and Amy are in flight. We are all here (as usual) this time with a little more 'cheer' to our faces knowing that Asher is about to make his arrival! We love yall!! :)

-Joni Belle-

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