Sunday, April 11, 2010

Well, here we wait. 39 weeks tomorrow.

This is crazy. We are waiting for the birth of our child. I mean, I'm a planner. I don't just sit around and 'wait' for anything. I make things happen and get a paycheck for it. But nooooo, not this time. Just hanging out, wondering and waiting. Waiting for any twinge of a sign of his arrival. Waiting to meet him. Waiting to get my body back.

Which, speaking of, I'm going to gripe for a few. My body = not mine for last 39 weeks. Which is ok, and most definitely necessary and all worth it. But good grief this is miserable. Screw the movies for making pregnancy look glorious and fun and food-filled with a climatic water-breaking scene and a rush to the hospital for a quick delivery. Because, to my knowledge, this doesn't happen.

Here is what does happen, at least so far:
  • Rolling over in the bed requires an act of congress. I grunt and groan and grasp for some way to get myself up and over without triggering a leg cramp or side cramp.
  • Peeing overnight is at a whole new level. Screw sleeping. And I know I keep hearing "Get your sleep now!" And I think, "I cannot wait to sleep soundly while Asher sleeps for a few hours, without peeing, and on my stomach. That would be an improvement from this hot mess."
  • Sweating. I'm hot. All day. Every day. Hot. I'm so thrilled to not be pregnant over the summer.
  • My legs are being separated from my body. According to the books and medical people, that's pretty much what's happening. Everything 'spreading' and 'stretching' and making way. For me, my left leg cannot be trusted. It hurts that much. And it's taking this stretch thing to the limit. Maybe my left leg knows I'm growing a giant? Perhaps. I digress.
  • I need to drink water. Water, water, water. I get it. But that means I have to potty, potty, potty. But I'm also supposed to walk, walk, walk. How is that possible when I cannot make it to the end of the culdesac without needing to use the bathroom?
  • Oh, and the swelling. It's nasty and when it gets bad (aka I don't put my feet up high enough all day), my skin burns and cracks. Again, water helps it. But water makes you walk a lot - to the bathroom. And walking may or may not help. Vicious cycle.
I should stop complaining. I actually feel a lot better today than I did yesterday. But, wanted to record these things for when months from now Rusty and I think "Oh, we want another baby!" I really think my brain is going to do what all other mommy brains do and help you forget these things.

So, back to waiting. Oh, just waiting for the biggest moment of your life. Not knowing when or how it's going to happen. Insanity.

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