Monday, May 3, 2010

My heart swells

My heart swells with love for my husband. I married a natural daddy. Asher was born, and along with him, his father.

Rusty soothes him, burps him, changes him, sings to him, plays music and videos for him, stays up with him, everything. He also tends to Jax, shows unbelieveable patience, takes him on walks, encourages him and plays with him. And to top it off, he soothes me, cares for me, nurtures me, loves me and helps me.

I feel like all I've done for the last week is ask him for a thousand things. Over and over. Water bottle, pump parts, bottle, paci, help getting dressed, shower, lotion on my feet, drink, medicine, phone. You get the point. And he's not lost patience with me. Instead, he lovingly says yes and moves along to do what needed doing.

Last night, somewhere around midnight, I was feeding Asher. Rusty had changed him, brought him to me, helped me position him, brought me two water bottles and my phone for tracking the feeding. And then, he starts putting up laundry and emptying a trash can. The same laundry basket and trash can that had been urking me, but I cannot do those things while I'm healing and I didn't want to ask anything else of him. But he took care of them. In the middle of the night. After hours of baby tending.

And I haven't changed a single diaper. That says a lot.

Last night, I went to bed for some sleep while Rusty stayed up with our night owl. He has relocated his office to the couch. He had everything all set up, was doing work and had Asher on the couch next to him in the bouncy chair. Asher was staring at his dad. And Rusty was talking to him and taking pictures of him. My heart swelled.

And keeps right on swelling.

I am so very blessed.

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