Sunday, May 9, 2010

What we've learned: Two weeks in

1. The first night was the worst. We were up all night, a whole 26 hours. Asher couldn't be settled, I was still very much in heal mode, Rusty was tired and frustrated. It was a nightmare. We took the next morning to regroup and created a schedule. We stick to that and we're doing better. Rusty is primary care giver (minus the nursing) during the overnight hours. I take early morning while he sleeps. This will need to change when he goes back to work full time. Any advice on that schedule from mommies out there, please share!

2. The dog doesn't get it. And it's not his fault. Patience is key.

3. Poos can be loud!

4. Let others help you. Letting someone else watch Asher so I can take a nap with Rusty is one of my favorite things. Having my mom come over and help with laundry, linens, showers, organizing is more valuable that you could ever imagine.

5. I cry. A lot. I cry if someone says something sweet. I cry for no reason. I cry if I'm tired. I cry if I'm rested. I cry reading to Asher. I cry when Rusty sends me a sweet email.

6. Appreciate a husband that's a great daddy. I know I do.

7. Watch/read the Happiest Baby on the Block. It works.

8.  Swaddle.

9. Your baby's sounds change each day. It's adorable.

10. If you have a big baby, screw the newborn and most of the 0-3 month clothes.

11. Get out and about. It helps you mentally.

12. Make sure you have a lot of PJ's you like. Because you live in those. I avoid my maternity clothes but nothing else fits for sure.

13. Babies have their own time table. And it's not very consistent. I knew this all along, but now I really know it first hand.

14. This is way, way, way more work than even I imagined. But we're handling it. One feedling session and burping session and changing session and sleeping (or not sleeping) session.

15. Babies are amazing. Our baby is beyond amazing.

16. Nursing is not easy. At. All. But worth it once you get the hang of it. Well, so far anyway. :)

17. Use your friend resources. You're going to have 19 zillion questions ranging from legit to ridiculous. Have a support system you can look to for answers.

18. Be prepared to be worried. Being a mommy means worrying. Being a mommy with OCD tendencies means worrying even more. Lean on your husband for help with this.

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