Friday, June 11, 2010

Baby necessities: Tiny Love Clip & Go Musical Mobile

Or, as I affectionally refer to it - our mobile mobile. This thing is awesome! Why are there not more like this?

This little mobile has a younger stage (black and white high contract images) and next stage up (hanging animals). It clips to your stroller, crib, car seat, activity gym (as modeled by Asher), you name it. He loves it! And the music lasts a long time and it's not terribly annoying.

We strolled through Target with this the other day. We've watched it for an hour this morning - very excitedly, I may add. And we're still really into it even though we are hungry. And by we, I mean Asher. :)

I ordered from - here ya go! (Spend $49 and get free two-day shipping. I recommend buying diapers from them, too. The prices are good and they deliver quickly - and free. My diapers purchase arrived with huge rips and holes in the box. Not happy momma.)

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