Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Learning Asher

I'm realizing that I'm learning this little man's ways. At least a little bit. Here's some of what I've figured out so far:

1. When nursing, if he gets squirmy or un-latches early on, it means he needs to burp. Then, proceed eating please.

2. Sometimes he doesn't want to latch on to eat. But he does. But he won't. First, I check for a burp. Then, I guide him to latch and give him a little encouragement in the right position (i.e. hold him in place).

3. If he's hungry, and waking up slowly (not starving), he will wimper and start crying with the letter 'G' sound. Then, I know he's ready to eat. It's adorable. I remember the morning he first did this cry. I said, "Rusty, he has a new cry!"

4. He's learning to squeal. I don't think he means anything particular by the squealing yet. It just comes out sometimes.

5. He grins a lot while passing gas or trying to poop.

6. He's extra smiley in the mornings.

7. He is a noisy, noisy sleeper. I'm getting better at sleeping through it and deciphering the noises, but darn he's noisy.

8. When he squirms during sleep, he often needs to burp. A quick break to burp him usually works and he's back to sleep.

9. He giggled in his milk drunkeness the other day. It was PRECIOUS. I cannot wait until he giggles for real.

10. Most major crying spells are directly related to the need to poop or pass gas. Holding him close to me on his left side and talking to him can sometimes help.

More to come, certainly. I'm starting to feel like a mom.

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