Monday, July 12, 2010

Hanging at the hanger

I'd been promising Rusty we could go to Louisburg, to the airport, and he could practice flying his new RC airplane. Finally, our schedules cleared and the weather cooperated. Yesterday was the day! Off we went for Asher's first trip to the airport.

I grew up hanging out at the airport. Rusty and I had our reception in the large hanger for our wedding. So, I was happy to take Asher there to hang out while Rusty practiced taking off and landing on the runway. We had a great day! Asher and I stayed in the shade and had some quality time with Gran-Diddy. It was so nice to get out of Raleigh and just relax for the day.

With all the pilots in the family, Asher's got aviating in his blood. I look forward to watching him grow up hanging out around the planes and taking his first flight!

Cruising in his new lazy boy car seat.

Nap time with Gran-Diddy. For two hours!

Meeting Uncle Al and Aunt Vickie!

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