Sunday, September 12, 2010

Adventures with great-grandparents

Asher's a lucky kid. He has four great-grandparents to visit! The past few weeks, we've made trips to visit three of them.

Labor Day weekend, we took our first road trip as a family to Savannah for Asher to meet his Great-Granddad. The whole family piled into his house and spent the weekend together. I love houses full of family. Those are the best of times. Like a big slumber party, family-style.

Asher also met his Aunt Linda and Uncle Dale and hung out with his Nana and Pop Pop. We cruised around his beautiful neighborhood on bikes. Asher enjoyed the ride!

This weekend, we headed to Goldsboro to spend the day with Nana and Pop Pop and have dinner with Great-Grammy and Great-Grandpop. You may remember these two as the lovely couple with which we share our wedding anniversary. Asher took a nap on the floor while we ate dinner, and then rolled around on the table top for our entertainment.

Hooray for memories! Lots of love going around!

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