Sunday, September 12, 2010

Rest stop photo session

On the way back from Savannah, Asher had had enough of that car seat. Poor guy couldn't get comfy and was pretty fussy. So, we made our way to the nearest rest stop to spend sometime outside of the vehicle.

I have such fond memories of rest stops from growing up. I remember road trips with my family, and I loved, loved, loved stopping at the rest area and visiting the vending machine building. My most favorite activity was visiting the welcome centers at each state and gathering stacks of brochures. I'd then play travel agent in the back seat of the mini van, arranging itineraries for my imaginary customers.

I remember picnics with Cille on the little tables under the shelters on various trips. I can see her snack bag right now. We never left home without it. Sliced apples were always on hand. (Side note: Mom brought me one of Cille's famous snack bags. I cannot wait to continue that tradition with my family.) On those trips, it seemed we stopped at each and every one of those rest stops. Someone always had to potty.

So, on our trip we sat in the sunshine. I grabbed a blanket from the car and let Asher roll around in the grass while Rusty and I laid beside him. We spent some time at a picnic table, just watching the other visitors. I hope one day Asher looks back on our trips and memories and gets a big smile on his face like I do now.

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