Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pity party. You're invited.

Just kidding. You really don't want to join my pity party. But, today has been a tough one. Phew.

Some back story first. Jax is back at home after a (pricey) stay at the vet ICU. Some moments I think he's better. Others, I think he's not. Our bank account tells me to be super sure before going back to the vet. Ugh, decisions. I know he doesn't feel well, bless his heart. They weren't ever able to figure out why he was bleeding in his GI tract, so that just adds to the frustration.

Anyways, here's my day. Keep in mind this day follows multiple days of cleaning up dog vomit and poop all over the house. Throwing out our dining room rug. Yep, it was that bad. Ok, so here goes.

2 AM - Wake up to Asher screaming. And I mean, screaming. A paci fuss or stuck in the crib wimper are normal. This was not normal. About 30 minutes of soothing time. Finally back to sleep.

2 AM - Rusty thinks our room smells funny. He assumed it was Asher. Didn't cross my mind to think about Jax who was just outside our door.

5 AM/6AM (daylight savings time ends) - Asher is up. He's hungry. I get up and feed him. 35 minutes later, I put him back in his crib for more sleep.

5:35 AM - Peek in on Jax. Oh shit. Literally. There is diarhea all over the bathroom floor. Good news is I laid down puppy pads. Bad news is this means he's not better. Crap. Oh, and bad news is that I gotta clean it up. Vom. Fun stuff at 5:35 AM. This explains the smell.

6 AM - Clean up done. Walked Jax.

6:05 AM - Fed Jax. Gave him meds and fancy dog food.

6:10 AM - Join Jax on the couch to observe how he's doing. He is trembling all over every time he inhales. It's so bad it's shaking the couch. Crap. Crap. Crap. Now what?

6:15 AM - Googled the trembling. Could mean low blood sugar. Makes sense since we have been giving him tiny meals and his stomach is bothering him. Maybe he's just weak. So I give him more food.

6:16 AM - Waiting.

6:25 AM - Trembling almost stops completely. Call my mom to vent. She tells me I've done what I can now to get back to sleep. She reminds me that Jax has these issues when he has new food. She says maybe this is just the tail end of his sickness working its way out.

6:45 AM - Trying to go back to sleep.

8:30 AM - Asher's up. Again. Feed him.

9 AM - Check on Jax. No more poop. Let him out. Fix juice cup and set out breakfast for Rusty to give Asher.

9:30 AM - Crawl back into bed for nap.

All day long - No more poop action. Maybe we're on the mend.

4 PM - Leave the house. Put gate up and Jax in bathroom just in case.

7 PM - Return home with fussy baby. Met at door by Jax. Um, what? Figure he knocked down the gate. Nope, it's still standing. He jumped it. Clearly he's feeling better. Right? Wrong.

7:01 PM - Find piles of diarhea on living room carpet. Fight urge to join Asher and cry.

7:10 PM - Finally realize I need to suck it up and clean up the crap.

It's now 10:41 PM and I should go to bed. Asher's already been up screaming once since I put him down. Could be another long night.

See? Pity party. Oh, the joys.

Here's a cute Asher pic to make us all smile. Driving his car.

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Anonymous said...

Has the vet considered Jax may have ulcers? I'm sure he has been stressed since he is no longer the only baby. Stress can cause ulcers to develope over time, but I don't know about the diarhea. Hope he gets better soon. This is a bit much for you!!!! Love, Mema

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