Saturday, December 11, 2010

Boys in babylegs

Let's face it. Scrumptuous baby boy clothes are way harder to find than girl clothes. I've considered it a challenge to keep my boy dressed adorably while avoiding the usual baby blues (boo UNC!) and pastel pieces.That fashion route is a little too cutesie and babyish for my taste. (How's that for inventing words?)

Recently, I've taken to putting babylegs on my boy. You're thinking, uh what? But really, they are so adorable and practical. Asher can move around a lot easier in them on the floor (while learning to crawl). Diaper changes are a breeze! Especially when it's cool outside, it's nice to not have to remove pants. I've heard the uses for these things just keep piling up, and they can be worn for years. I just stick with the really masculine prints, and ta da! Studly, unique outfits.

So, despite the objections of my husb and jokes from my sister, I'm loving me some babylegged Asher!

Today, he's sporting his layered boom box long-sleeved tee and matching legs. Admit it. It's kinda cute.


nick wester said...

may i introduce you to the crotchless baby pants that are all the rage in China.

I'd say 80% of babies wear these outside of the large cities.

I can bring Asher a pair back if you'd like.... :)

Susan Peoples said...

I totally remember these when I was in China. They were using these on the streets or wherever. Also, some were wearing them on up to almost 4 or 5 years old! China was such a great experience though.

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