Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meet Miss Annie

Miss Annie was Cille's best friend. And she's Asher's black grandma, she says. She's a beautiful, beautiful person. Her love for our Cille was so big. And her love for our family is just as big. She was by Cille's side day and night. She was a shoulder to lean on for my mom and her siblings. Annie is one of a kind.

My mom brings her to visit with Asher. Her last visit, Asher truly noticed her. He stared her down for the first five minutes. Seriously. He was mesmerized. Then, I handed him over to her. He kept looking.

And then, he just nuzzled right up to her. Snuggled up like I never recall him doing before with a new person. It was so sweet. Asher's a smart boy. He knows that Miss Annie is certainly something special.

It brings tears to my eyes just typing this and remembering that moment. Having Annie around is like having a part of Cille around. And watching Asher love on her just makes me imagine him loving on Cille.

Sweet, sweet baby boy. And sweet, sweet Miss Annie.

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