Sunday, December 5, 2010

Meet my new friend Olivia

This is my new friend Olivia. We call her little O.

She came to stay with me at Thanksgiving after arriving on a big plane from Chicago. Her mom, Denise, and my mom are BFF's (whatever that means).

My mom loved having a little baby girl to snuggle. And she really, really liked having Denise around. They talked about being mommies - a lot. (Apparently, little O and I are a lot of work! But totally worth it.)

I think O's pretty darn cute. And she smiles a lot. (Well, when she's not crying. I tried telling her it's not so bad to travel; that in a few hours she'll settle down again. She still felt like crying for a bit. Then later she was all smiles for good.)

I'm glad she came to visit. My mom says we're going to go visit her at her house next. And that time, we'll ride on the big plane. Pretty neat, huh?

p.s. You should see how many pictures my Aunt Jo had to take to get these. It's quite hard to get two momma's and two babies all looking good in one shot.

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