Monday, January 10, 2011

Prayers please.

Right now, Rusty's grandparents are in need of your prayers.

Granddad in Savannah has been in ICU battling pneumonia. He will require quadruple bipass surgery when he is strong enough to survive the surgery. Jan is down in Savannah with her dad. What began as her Christmas visit has turned into an extended stay.

In Goldsboro, Grandpop is in the hospital with bleeding ulcers and the complications from those. Grammy was in the hospital two weeks ago, too, and is home now staying with Ed. The family has moved their belongings into an assisted living apartment, and when Grandpop leaves the hospital they will officially settle into their new place. This will be a difficult transition for both of them.

So many thoughts running through my mind during this time. I hate that this is all happening at once. I hate that Ed and Jan are separated and going through this without each other. I hate that old age comes with such hard times. I hate that Rusty is seeing all of his grandparents suffer all at the same time.

But, I love that Asher met each of his great-grandparents and has spent time with them. I love that such beautiful people are a part of his life. I love that they have all lived such full lives.

I have to remind myself that aging is a part of life. It's often a rough, sad, trying time for all involved. So, I ask that you pray for Granddad, Grandpop, Grammy and the Kroboth family during this time.

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