Wednesday, February 2, 2011

About time.

Finally. After nearly 11 years Jax has mastered going on a walk. Formerly we had to stop so he can check his Pee-mail every 10 feet (seriously). All those messages from all the neighborhood dogs were too urgent to ignore.

But now. Now he walks right alongside the stroller and only stops to potty when completely necessary. I can actually break a sweat and get some good walking in.

Thank you Jax. About time. :)

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Cale, Hailey, Kira & Cole said...

First of all you are a great mom. Second, any mom who says they don't have "moments" like that are lying. It's just the emotional roller coaster of being a parent. Just take comfort in the fact that he won't remember a thing until after he's about 3. =) That's when you have to worry.

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