Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A beautiful moment. At Target, of all places.

I'm tired and weary. Asher has had a little bit of a cold since last week, and he's top-teeth-teething. And then Rusty started feeling poorly this weekend (causing us to miss our date night). Boo.

Anyways, on Sunday Rusty began to feel worse. Apparently so did Asher. They both are not sleeping well and obviously feeling crummy. Last night really tried my patience, and my anxiety. I had a fussy refusing-to-sleep baby and germs to keep at bay around the house. Phew.

So, today, Joni came over to keep Asher and I made a Target run for more drugs and such. (For them, not me.) I was walking around focusing on my list (had my budget blinders on) and came upon an older woman. She looked tired, too. And her hair maybe a little frazzled. We were both in the juice aisle. I waited patiently for her to make her choice before zoning in on the same area of the shelf.

She got her drink, walked about ten feet away and then turned back around to me.

She said, "It's so quiet in here."

Admittedly, I thought, Oh no, here we go. Should I ignore her? What if she's crazy? Who knows where this is headed.

I said aloud, "Yes, it is."

I paused to listen and realized the only sound was the hum of the nearby food freezers. It was quiet.

She then said, "There is so much tragedy out there in the world. Turn on the TV and you see tragedy. And then here we are in here, and it's so quiet. I think it's important to stop and realize that."

I thought, Wow. She's so right. Talk about perspective.

I told her, "Thank you for saying that."

She said, "You are welcome. God bless you."

I replied, "You too."

Then I reflected on what just happened. It's one of those lovely moments I read about in my little daily devotions. It's one of those times that you think about the bigger picture. About the gift of life and all that you have to be thankful for. The gift of perspective. And it's a beautiful thing.

And now, my prayer. Thank you, God, for this day and everyday. Thank you for the sweet angel in my juice aisle today. Thank you for that lesson you wanted me to hear. Amen.

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