Monday, February 21, 2011

Dear two front teeth.

Bring your asses already, won't you?

I can see you there. Especially the corner of you, Big Left Tooth. Is is really necessary to take your sweet, sweet time? We all know where you need to be. Now get there already and leave my sweet boy alone.

Seriously? Teething is a beast. It amazes me that some babies don't have any problems with it. Or so they say. Asher becomes this miserable, screaming, gnawing pile of mess when a tooth is a few days from poking through. I know the time has come when he desperately (and I mean desperately!) chews on everything. The coffee table. The shopping cart. The high chair. You name it. It's not like he's doing it to taunt me with the grossness. Or for baby exploration and slobbery fun. It's like this crazed desperation to press, press, press comes over him. Bless his heart.

I just put him to bed an hour or so ago with Tylenol and Gumomile. (The combo of these two tend to knock him out better than Motrin and Orajel.) He's already been up wimpering in pain three times now. So pitiful. Bless him.

Time to crawl into bed with Rusty and go ahead and clear a spot for Asher between us. I have all ideas he'll be there before midnight. Sometimes he just wants to feel us near him. He'll toss and turn and clearly be agitated, but having us there helps him stay asleep better. And, hey, I'm all for sleep.

So teeth. Bring it. Fast. And be done. And thanks.


Marvin Will said...

The poor guy's front teeth should read this open letter carefully! Or, have they already heeded to the call and turned themselves up? How many teeth does he have now? Next thing they need to do is to cooperate with the dentist.

Kira said...

They may have to cooperate with the dentist sooner rather than later. They made their way here, for sure. And were both chipped a few weeks back. Eek! The pediatrician says to just keep an eye on them for now. We are at a total of six teeth now. Waiting on those molars.

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