Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Momma meltdown.

I've made the executive decision tonight (within the last two minutes) that I need a 'Momma meltdown' section of my blog. This is where I will strategically bookmark all the posts that make me sound like a crazed woman. Here will reside all the posts where I'm saying exactly what's on my mind. Saying what other moms may be afraid to say aloud, much less publish to the web. This is where I will write to vent to calm down to step away from the situation at hand. This is where you can go, fellow mommies, to hear someone telling it like it is.To not feel alone. And maybe even think Wow, and I thought I was inappropriate. This Kira person is worse than me. See? It will be great for us all. Stay tuned, my friends.

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