Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Our favorite toys: Stack them. Roll them. Match them. Get them!

As we approach Asher's first birthday, I'm looking back at the toys that have grown along with us over here. Toys that have not only captured - but held - his attention. I know some people, including myself, don't want a ton of plastic, less-than-attractive, noisy toys taking over the house. But, these are worth it. So, all that said, these are our top faves. 

Fisher Price Stack & Roll Cups
We got these at the recommendation of a friend. She said, they don't look like much but they are the greatest toy ever. After a demonstration, I went on a hunt for them. And they were not as easy to find as I thought. (You can likely find them at Babies R Us or just order online. They are hard to catch at Target.)

These plastic cups can stack all the way up. Or, each color clicks into its corresponding color in a different shade, forming balls. Balls with little holes on the end, which make it easy for Asher to pull them apart. And put them back together. Repeat and repeat and repeat and repeat. You can also hide the smaller cups under larger cups. And there is a little jingly ball that can also go inside of them and jingle around. Good mommy feature? They all fit into each other (as balls) until all you are left with is one ball. Hooray for space saving.

We've had these for months. And they by far are the toy Asher spends the most time with. He plays with them for 30 or 45 minutes at a time. He will come up with new ways to play with them every few days. His latest is matching up the colors and making balls. (Smart kid, right?) He also loves placing his Weebles in and out of them. Repeat and repeat and repeat. See? Awesome toy that holds attention.

If you only want to buy one toy. Buy this one. Enjoy!


Aunt Susu said...

I wish I had the stacking cups that I use to play with all the time (I want say how many years ago). Aunt Betty had a set at her house and I thought they were the greatest!

Susan Peoples said...

Walmart in Louisburg has a lot of the Fisher Price Stack and Roll with little Duck in the center. They are in the Easter stuff!

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