Monday, March 21, 2011

What a grand weekend.

We had a fabulous weekend. I feel like it's been forever since I've said that and truly meant it. I think the weather just adds to the happiness factor.

Speaking of happiness; would you look at that teethy grin?

Friday, we spent the day outdoors. Got a little sun on my face. Amazing how that makes you feel all springlike and alive. Friday night, we took Asher to Dos Taquitos for the first time. We chose to sit inside so our wait wouldn't be too long (we were already off schedule). I laughed when we could hardly see our way to the table. There was one candle on the table top and a black light about two table tops down. That was it. It was hilarious. Asher was wide eyed and took a little extra time to hunt down his food. But, he adjusted. I had a few margaritas, because we all know Dos Taq makes them the best. Then, we headed home.

Saturday morning, rise and shine. Asher and I headed off to Glen Eden Pilot Park for some Hailey play time. Asher had a great time crawling all over the sand playground. I should have put pants or babylegs on him. His knees were a little raw from all that sand. Oops. But hey, I remembered the sunscreen, so that's good.

Hailey was loving the slides. Asher went down a few times, but then he bopped his head pretty good and was no longer a big fan. He couldn't quite figure out how to sit up while sliding down. Of course, both little ones loved the swings and were giddy as Chris and I pushed and twirled them. Rusty even jogged over to say hello before we packed up.

Side note: My child must be a freak of sleepless nature. After all of this fun in the sun and climbing adventuring, Hailey went home and slept for three hours. Asher, on the other hand, fussed with me about napping and slept maybe 45 minutes. Really?!

Then, Saturday evening my parents came up to babysit Asher so we could have a proper date night. And we cruised in the Jeep with the top off; always good fun. Rusty and I had dinner and drinks before going to see Hall Pass at Raleigh Grande.  I had no idea that cinema served alcohol. Love it. We enjoyed several Red Oaks while cracking up at the movie. We get home and Asher is waiting up for us, of course. But he then went right to bed and slept until almost 8:30 this morning. Holler! Take that supermoon!

To top it all off, my mom was a miracle worker while we were out. She managed to empty trashcans, make the bed, clean up from our lunch I am pretty sure we left out (oops), do multiple loads of laundry, fold and put things away, fed and bathed Asher and changed out all my Scentsy smelly goods around the house. I don't think I could have managed all of that in the same amount of time and it's my house and my kid. It was so nice to come home and have those items to cross off my to-do list. What a pleasant surprise. Thanks mother and father dearests! lybttu!

Let's see. Today is Sunday. Just a lazy around the house day. Celebrated Jax's 11th birthday and enjoyed some yummy grilled ribs. Good way to wrap up the weekend. Now, time for bed. Night night, weekend.

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