Monday, April 18, 2011

Asher's First Birthday: Frisbee Invitation

Well, friends, the big one is coming up. Asher will be one year old! (And so far, I've had no emotional meltdowns.) This year feels simultaneously short and long. Funny how that happens.

I'm sure it goes without saying, but, I'm SO excited for his upcoming birthday party! I've put quite some time into planning his celebration (I am a producer, afterall), yet wanted to be careful not to go overboard. I want his party to be full of love, meaningful memories and of course, cupcakes with yummy icing.

We're going for a fun, homemade feel at his 'Party in the Park'. And, I'm on a budget here. So, I'm trying to work with items that I've gathered along the way in combination with things from around the house (think: Cille's quilts for tablecloths).

First things first, though. The invitation. Delivered via a frisbee. Right in the mailboxes of our favorite people. Complete with the invitation stuck right on it! I pictured everyone opening their mailbox, thinking what is that? and then realizing it was a frisbee invite!

So, after some online research, I learned that you can mail most anything. Just affix the stamps right on it and drop it off at the post office. The nice postal worker didn't even bat an eye when I showed up with my brown bag of frisbees.

I set up a work station at the USPS and stuck a variety of stamp on each frisbee (they were low on some quantities of stamps). I think they ended up around $1.20-something each. I told myself my price cut off was $1.50. If it was going to be that much, I was going to plop them in envelopes and mail in a more standard (read: cheaper) way.

I am very tickled with how they came out! Moving on to more party details this week. This is great fun, people. Great fun.

Frisbees: Oriental Trading, $14.99 for 24
Full sheet of labels: Amazon, $10.45 for 100 sheets (super good deal)

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