Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter egg hunt & Planet Earth Celebration = weekend of family awesomeness

Attention storm system: Please stay away. The weathermen (and woman) are all telling me the same thing. This Saturday is going to be narsty. (Yes, I said narsty, with an r.) Normally, I'd welcome in a storm system. I love myself some thunder and rain and screened porch sitting. But this weekend, Saturday specifically, is not convenient for us. We have family awesomeness planned people!

Rain, at the very least, please hold off until after lunch so that Asher can enjoy his first Easter Egg hunt in the gorgeous WRAL gardens with the other little kiddies of WRAL employees. Do you know excited I was when I learned that his first hunt would be in such an exquisite spot? Oh so excited. I have had his outfit picked out for weeks and we've practiced the bunny hop and egg gathering in our living room. Not kidding. And now, the weather forecast looks dooming. We'll find out Saturday morning if it's cancelled or not. Cross your fingers for us that we can do the bunny hop. Hop. Hop. Hop.

But, rain or shine, my little family will be attending the Planet Earth Celebration at the NC Museum of Natural Sciences on Saturday. And I'm pumped about that, too.

(Sidenote: This museum is awesome and free. If you haven't been, you should really go and spend an afternoon. I drug Rusty to the natural sciences museums in New York City and Chicago thinking they would top ours. And they didn't really. Chicago was close. But NYC's really disappointed me.)

Imagine my delight last week when the day started off with a special delivery of Burt's Bees products for Asher and me right on my doorstep. Burt's Bees, one of the presenters of the Celebration, sent out these lovely gift boxes to some mommy bloggers in the area with some tips on sustainability and details about the event. We've used Burt's Bees Baby Bee Shampoo & Wash on Asher since he was born. That smell, that smell. Ahh, it smells like love to me. I plan to scoop up some more at the Burt's Bees Tent sale on Saturday. Will we see you there?

So, you see, lots of fun ahead. And I'm going to need the weather to cooperate. And thanks in advance.

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