Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Guest blogger: A note from Joni Belle

happy birthday! & happy welcome home-iversary!

weird title, huh? well let me just say, its for good reason. many of you know that last year at this time, my family was on a complete roller coaster ride. just thinking of the journey itself, brings me to tears. a year ago from tonight, we all sat around. sat around anticipating the arrival of one of  the best things that would happen to our family this year, when my sister was induced the next day. we also, sat around. sat around the bedside of one of the best things that had happened to us in the years before. my grandmother, 'Cille (also known as my super hero) was holding on. holding on far past the hospice nurses predictions. we all knew she was a fighter, we had seen that displayed in multiple ways before. but this time, it was different, we all knew that she was ready to "go home" (as she called it), she had told us everyone that she looked forward to seeing there (at her "home") and we had all held her hand and told her it was "okay to go". but still. everyday. we repeated those words. well on 4/27/10 'Cilles' great grandson Asher Ray (my nephew) was born. Oh what a joyous day!! he was perfect. perfect in everyway possible. an emotional day for us all, as anyone knows, its always emotional when welcoming a baby into the family. i remember holding Asher for the first time. changing that first poopy diaper. i remember it all, like it was yesterday. well, back in louisburg, family was still surrounding 'Cille, telling her all about Asher's arrival. allowing her to hold a picture of him in her hand. spreading the joy of the new baby all around the house. it was great! finally, on 4/30/10 Kira and Asher were allowed to go home. everyone was healthy and everyone checked out okay.. and that was it! that is what i believe 'Cille was waiting for. Asher and Kira to be 'announced' healthy and released from the hospital. 'Cille went to heaven to watch over us that morning, right during the time that Kira and Asher packed their bags and signed all that paperwork.

i know my family will agree when i say "time really does fly!". i can not believe that Asher has been with us for a year now. nor can i believe that it was a year ago i told 'Cille goodbye. but i can say that i am super grateful everyday for Asher Ray. he is the coolest nephew ever! and i see his great grandmother in him all the time. me and Kira constantly talk about 'Cille with Asher. i am blessed to be able to be a nanny for Asher. i am so grateful to have watched him grow and accomplish soooo much this year. its amazing. Asher is amazing. God is amazing! the good Lord giveth and the good Lord taketh away..

all of this to say. these next few days, my family and i will be back on that same roller coaster ride that we were on a year ago. but this time, we have a wonderful TODDLER there to hold our hand during the ride. and an amazing woman watching down on us as we are on the ride.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ASHER!! <- we have loved every single moment with you this year.

HAPPY WELCOME HOME-iversary, 'Cille!! <- i know you have loved every single moment with Grandpa Paul this year.

& to my family.. i love you all bigger than the universe! Jeremiah 29:11.

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