Friday, April 1, 2011

Joni Belle update: Friday night.


I just got home from the hospital. They have Joni's pain pretty much under control and it's died down in intensity some. They have switched her from IV pain meds to pills, which was one of the things the doc required before letting her go home. They are keeping an eye on her fluids, and so far she's only allowed clear fluids. So, lots of broth and jello. Whoopee.

They are saying that the pain is likely caused by a virus in her intestinal tract. Or, maybe it's something else. But, they've ruled out appendicitis at this point. I am sure they will have her follow up with the surgeon's office and probably her regular doctor after this. Hopefully it's a one-time thing that goes away and never returns. But, only time will tell.

For tonight, she's chilling (read: sleeping) in her end of the hall room on the top floor of Rex. Penthouse! Ha. Mom is there with her. Hopefully the doctor will make rounds early in the morning and send her on home. She's totally wanting a hot shower and her own bed. Don't blame her one bit.

Thanks for the prayers and thoughts. Keep them coming. I'll keep you posted. Night night.

lybttu Belle.

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