Friday, April 1, 2011

Joni Belle's not feeling well. Update.

Howdy. I'm going to use this space to keep everyone updated on Joni to try and save her from texting until her thumbs fall off.

Joni told me Thursday night she had some abdominal pain. It continued throughout the night and into the day Friday. I knew it was bad when she started talking about taking herself to the ER. Yeah, you're saying to yourself, it must have been bad, right? Anyways, they immediately suspected appendicitis. Her pain got stronger and the pain meds they kept putting in her IV were only barely taking the edge off.

Thursday, 10 PM - We went from comedian, hungry Joni to tired, hungry, in pain, grumpy and cranky-cranky-cranky Joni. Her blood work, ultrasound, CT scan, etc. all came back clear. The doctor in the ER called in the on-call surgeon. He said that he's missed an appendicitis before and wanted their expert opinion.

Friday, 2 AM - Enter: Surgeon that has been up for almost 36 hours. Add him to Joni's drugged up state and Mom and me exhausted and nothing was making too much sense. He didn't think it was her appendix for multiple reasons, but when we said she had IV drugs that weren't taking away the pain he became more concerned. He wanted to keep her overnight, keep giving her pain meds and start some IV fluids.

Friday, 9 AM - They did more bloodwork this morning, put those fancy leg circulation pumps on and the surgeon just stopped by again. He still isn't sure it's not her appendix, but her bloodwork is still looking good. They are going to let her drink a few fluids and see what happens. They doubled her pain meds overnight and it finally took the pain away so she could rest for an hour or so. Today, she's asked them to cut them back again because they make her feel pretty horrible.

So now, we're looking at appendicitis in slow motion or a virus. Some sort of crazy, in your intestinal track virus. If they let her eat, we'd be back at square one with the pain. So, still no food allowed. Joni's none too thrilled about that.She's at Rex. Room 7070, I do believe. Her cell phone is keeping her occupied (and ours keeping us occupied). I'll keep everyone posted. They expect her to be there until tomorrow (Saturday).
She'll love me for this one

Please keep her in your prayers. She's been a tough cookie. Also, please pray that the doctors have the wisdom to figure out what's going on here.

And no, this isn't a big April Fool's joke. Though, we did brainstorm some fun ways to pull some pranks but decided it's probably not the best time to do that. :)


Ben Requena said...

This makes me want to give Joni a hug, although I realize not knowing her would make that awkward and with the tummy troubles possibly painful. So I'll stick to prayers and crossing fingers for a quick recovery.

Ashly Murphy said...

Thinking of her and hope she feels better soon!

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