Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Joni update: Hopefully the last

So, for those following the mystery pain saga with Joni. Here's what I hope is the last update.

I took Joni to see my general doctor at Wake Internal Medicine. I've gone to him for years and trust him. I knew he'd take the time to look over all of her test results and talk to us with genuine concern. So, Monday, we went to the appointment. He had reviewed all of her past test results. I mentioned the list of things that people keep mentioning to us when relaying their own horror mystery pain stories. One by one, he explained why he didn't think it was likely in this situation. It was so helpful to hear that.

Then, he said since we've ruled out the obvious and the life-threatening, we're going to think differently. He explained that since the pain was sharp, it was more likely a muscle since the nerve endings in the gut don't have the nerve fibers to feel constant sharp pains. I'm sure I did a horrible job of explaining that, but you get the point. He seriously listened to her and thought about what else it could be. He didn't recommend going straight to exploratory surgery like the surgeon did. So, he said let's try treating it as psoas muscle spasms or her psoas muscle 'gone wrong'. He brought out his medical book and showed us the location of the muscle. Seemed a perfect match. He prescribed anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxant meds. We scheduled a follow up appointment and he said that if this was it, she would start to feel better in a few days. And, of course, if she felt worse to call back immediately.

And today, Joni had hours PAIN FREE! Hooray! Isn't that awesome? Let's hope it continues.

Thanks for all of the thoughts, prayers and support you sent Joni's way. We truly appreciate them all!


Anonymous said...

This sounds good! Hopefully this will be the solution and she will soon feel much better.

Love, Mema

rmtraleigh said...

glad she's better. never heard of that muscle before. i owe you a phone call. thanks for the update.

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