Monday, April 4, 2011

Joni update: Monday night

Well, we started out today with high hopes. Mom called the surgical practice that Joni saw at Rex. They told her to come over first thing this morning. They checked her out, reran the bloodwork and CT scan.

The surgeon said, "What happened? You looked great when I released you." Um, from what I remember it was before 7 AM and both Joni and Mom were half asleep when he poked his head in and told Joni she could go home. Without checking her, asking her pain levels or anything. He also said that he wanted to recheck her on everything because sometimes appendicitis could take days to really flare up, and this and that. Funny how he didn't mention that when he released her. Grrrrrrrrrr.

The entire experience at Rex was just rotten. I wish that someone there had the decency to try to figure out what could be wrong with her, not just sweep it under the rug with pain pills and send her home with nothing. All of that time she laid there, when the floor nurses paid her zero attention and the ER doctor never followed up. It just burns me up. It's ridiculous that we have to be so hands-on and demanding when it comes to our health care. Very few will actually be proactive (or even thoroughly reactive) when it comes to our health. We have to do all the fighting and calling and tracking down and googling ourselves. End rant.

So, the surgeon says he'll rush the results and call Joni on her cell. Sometime after five o'clock, Joni was in such pain she called the office and used their emergency line. The surgeon called back, said her tests today looked clear. We could officially rule out appendicitis. Glad we had to call and chase him down to get that information. He said she could go back to the hospital, he would admit her and have the GYN on call see her tonight. Or, she could wait until tomorrow and he'd call her in some pain meds for tonight. We again reminded him that the pain meds don't kill the pain. He suggested pain meds plus something to help her sleep. He said that he didn't see anything life threatening, which was good.

What isn't good, though, is that tomorrow will be another day of following up, chasing down referrals, files, paperwork and tests. Who knows if she'll get an appointment in the morning. And if they find something, they probably couldn't do anything surgical until the next day. So frustrating.

We are now thinking her pain is related to something female or something gastric. My gut says female. But a quick talk with her former GYN today made it seem like endimetriosis isn't likely, after the surgeon thought it was. See? What a mess. A big, fat mess.

Poor Joni Belle. Please continue to pray for her, and for my parents, as they work to find the answers she so needs. Please pray for a kind, helpful medical team to get to the bottom of this and help Joni get some relief.

Thanks for all the kind words and thoughts and prayers and follow ups, everyone!

Oh, and Joni is home tonight with Mom and Dad. She felt more comfortable with the pain pills and sleeping meds there with them. And of course, we all want our momma when we aren't feeling well, right? 

I lybttu Belle!

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