Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Joni update: Tuesday night

Yep, another update. This one doesn't have any answers in it either. Whhooopppeee. The circus never ends.

Anyways, Joni today went to a GI doctor that the surgeon referred her to. (This happens to the same group that my general doc is a part of, so I know they are decent.) They took a quick look, remain puzzled that she has no other symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) and scheduled her for a colonoscopy ASAP. Which, means the prep work begins immediately and the procedure will be Thursday at noon.

They are thinking she may be struggling with ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease. Also, some forms of endimetriosis could also be seen with this test. We should know something immediately following the colonoscopy.

In case it shows nothing, they have already scheduled her an appointment on Friday with one of the GYN's in the same group.

I hope we don't wind back up at Rex again. Seriously, that was such a foul experience.

Related: I'm considering a new OBGYN in the future that's associated with another hospital. Any recommendations?


Lindsay Mize Onofrio said...

Kamm, McKenzie (and about 4 other names) is a great OB group. I switched to them from Blue Ridge OB/GYN while prego with #2. I had seen a few friends deliver at REX and was NOT impressed. Yes it looks nicer than Wake Med but the care is different. This group delivers at wake med, has a couple of office locations and are awesome. I highly recommend them for regular female care and OB stuff. Plus if you deliver at Wake Med and there were any issues - they have a wonderful NICU that took great care of two of my kids. Had I delivered at Rex, my daughter would have been transferred to Chapel Hill for the NICU. Thinking of Joni. When she used to hang out with me in the church nursery - I thought she was the most adorable little girl and you both have become gorgeous women!!!

Susan Peoples said...

Prayers continue! Thanks for the updates! Love, Susan

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