Tuesday, May 10, 2011

And soon, we vacay!

How thrilled am I that in a few short days, we are embarking on our first official family vacation. We are going to spend a long week in Seacrest, Florida. Where the water is tropical blue, the sun is shining and there are sailboats for playing.

There's also a giant condo overlooking an even more giant pool, both in which we will be hanging. All for a ridiculously affordable rate. You know I love myself a good vacation deal hunt. And I totally scored with this one. So excited.

We are driving down (yep), so that'll be an adventure all its own. Any travel tips out there that I must hear about? We are taking my sister to help with Asher, so we can have some quality Rusty and Kira time sailing, swimming, drinking, sleeping and maybe even helicoptering.

(And for those creepy people that (in my mind) stalk blogs and Facebook and break into empty homes - our home won't be empty. You have been warned. And we have very attentive neighbors. There. I feel better.)

My dad has graciously allowed me to take his DSLR with us. I'm so flipping looking forward to capturing way too many photos with it. For practice, we had an impromptu photoshoot (in the neighbor's yard, again). So, here's where you get my giddy photo overload. Enjoy!


And yes, I'm still obsessed with Babylegs. Even on boys. They are awesome for crawling and falling and all that jazz. I think they are precious.

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