Thursday, May 26, 2011

He's so my kid.

Hello and long time no see. I've been a slack blogger. I promise to do better, but I've just been recooperating from our vacation. Moms, you know how that is.

So, we went on vacation last week. And it was fantastic. The first morning in Florida, I introduced Asher to the McDonald's hashbrown. Those who know me well are aware that I went through this lovely phase of eating 2-4 of these hashbrowns for breakfast every morning for weeks. I'm not ashamed to admit that.

Along with said hashbrowns was always a large McDonald's sweet tea - well - half sweet/half unsweet (usually). I was delighted to discover that one McDonald's in the area had large sweet tea 2 for $1! Tea fans all around, isn't that awesome? I resisted the urged to fill up my 12 cupholders with large teas.

Anyways, back to the point. Asher loves sweet tea. When he sees me come near him with my large McDonald's cup, he goes nuts. Then he'll grab it from me and drink, drink, drink.

In Florida, I was kind and shared my hasbrowns with him for the first time. He took his half and gobbled it right up. He. Loved. It. Loved, loved. Here is my photographic evidence. See?

Those hands just make me melt! And McDonald's, please see me for rights to this photo for your future advertising needs. :)

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