Thursday, May 12, 2011

This one time. At Oak Island.

Ash and I had the pleasure of joining Christal and Hadley at their condo on Oak Island last week. It was such a nice mommy-toddler getaway.

Of course, Asher showed his joy by staying up all night one night. I literally thought something was wrong, he was acting so bizarre at 2 a.m. Turns out, he just wasn't tired. Go figure.

We went out to eat a lot. The todds charmed everyone they met, except for the unfortunately grumpy prissy woman at the table next to us. She was clearly not pleased that I was giving him sweet tea and that he was dropping food on the floor. Gasp.

I'm so thankful Christal asked us to join them. Much needed momma bonding time. Was good for my mental health.

And Asher and Hadley fell more in love.

We took them to the beach. Hadley loved the water. Asher was terrified of it.

He did, however, love the sand. So. Much. Sand. To. Organize. He was in sand la la land.

Until I introduced him to the water, after which he was clingy and miserable. Silly boy, the beach is your friend.

Thanks Christal and Hadley for sharing your world with us. We love you!

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