Friday, June 10, 2011

Asher's Week in Review

I had a pretty awesome week. Here are some pics of some of the things I did. (The other times my mom forgot her camera.)

Note: I purposely did not include a shot of my first hair cut which my mom kind of screwed up trying to do it herself. Maybe later.

Hung out in my Gann's yard.

Dug around in some dirt.

Took a trike ride with L'uncle L'al.

Hung out with L'uncle L'al for some grown up conversation.

Ate my first corn on the cob. Holy amazing.
(My mom made me some more a few days later.)

Did some back porch shopping.

Let my mom take a zillion photos of me with her new camera.

Stood on a few chairs.
(My mom snapped this picture before flipping out on me.)

Cried about something that seemed important at the time.

Fed myself some yogurt.

This was some good yogurt. Seriously.
(What? My dad does it!)

Ate my first McDonald's cone.

Decided it's definitely better than the previously mentioned yogurt.

So, I took it down the slide with me.

Had a date with my girlfriend at her place.

Showed her how it's cool to walk into the pond and reach in,
not just feed the turtles from afar.

Showed her how it's fun to grab mucky sticks from the
pond and get gunk in between your toes.

Played with her sand and water table, aka superawesomegoodtime.

Filled a few buckets with sand alongside my gal.

Decided that just because she ate the sand didn't mean I had to.

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