Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Asher's Week in Review

Here we are again. Me, slacking off with a week in review post instead of taking the time to do a 'real' post. I think I've even lost track of where this week's review starts and ends. Hmm, maybe two weeks ago? But, all of this to say, enjoy anyway. He's still super cute no matter how brain boggled his mom is.

For whatever reason, the pics from this day all
reminded me of when I was little. Mom, does he look like me?
Swinging with my dad.
Loving on Pop Pop after a long trike ride around the yard.
Playing peek a boo with Nana.
Can't help it. Still obsessed with his little hands.
And all the things they do.

And, my newest obsession. His little mouth and face.
His newest obsession. Dipping everything. And I mean everything.
Today at lunch, he dipped his rice in my guacamole.
Then, above, the watermelon eventually was dipped in ranch.

Can you imagine how much he'll love chicken crack?
Topless jiapers date with my girl.

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