Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Videos: Sailing off Rosemary Beach, Florida

While we were on vacation, Rusty and I took a hobie cat out two days off Rosemary Beach.

On our honeymoon, we practically lived on the hobie cat in Mexico. So, we were sure to find someplace in Florida that we could enjoy some sailing while Joni kept Asher entertained for us. It was great to get out on the water with the husband, relive our honeymoon fun and just relax.

It was the biggest treat ever to have some dolphins join us out there (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). They swam around us for a while. I was able to convince Rusty that it was worth pulling the Thunderbolt out of its plastic bag and risking it getting wet to capture some video. I only got a bit of the dolphins, but you'll still see them for a few seconds. And even see them swimming under us. Awesome. Awesome.

So, here ya go.

Two notes on this next one. One, Rusty's wearing my pink hat so I could get some sun. And two, yes, I'm wearing a life jacket because the big ocean kind of freaks me out.

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