Monday, August 15, 2011

Beach weekend with the Tripps

So, we went to beach with our BFF's the Tripps. Christal and I went to college together and reconnected when we realized we were both pregnant at the same time.

Little Miss Hadley was born just a few weeks before Asher and our friendship has grown right along with our toddlers. Hadley and Asher hit all their milestones at just about the same time (if not the exact same time) and enjoy each other's company just as much as their mommies do.

We had the Tripps join us at the beach house for a little mini vacay (as much as a vacay can be a vacay with two 16 month olds) this past weekend. We had a lot of fun and Christal and I chased the kids around with our cameras the entire time.

Here are my faves from my cameras. Ok, there a lots of faves. Be prepared for a ton of photos.

And Tripps, we must do it again soon. Before the house sells, because it's going to sell super fast you know. :)

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