Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hanging in the hood

Asher has been quite the handful this evening.

He alternated between wild and miserable. His molars are all coming through. His gums feel like they have M&M's or something just under the skin, so bumpy. Makes me cringe just thinking about how that feels for him.

Anyways, he whined and wimpered and pretty much drove me bonkers all afternoon and evening. So, I did what always works. I took the kid outside.

Initially, we were going to check the mail before bath and bed time. Asher had other plans.

The kid took off waving and saying 'Hi' to the sweet boy next door. Next thing I know, he's toddler-running out in the middle of the culdesac to play some ball. And running around gabbing nonstop. It was hilarious.

And seriously, in this video clip, my kid looks like a bobble head. Ha. Bless him.

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