Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hanging with Olivia.

My best friend, Denise, is here in North Carolina for a few weeks. And she has her little Miss Olivia in tow for the trip, of course. Asher and I were thrilled to spend a few days with these two ladies. Here are a few pics.

Please note, however, that not everyone loves to splatter their little ones on the interwebs as much as me. So, out of respect for Denise's husb (who is not a huge fan of just that), I'm going to keep the photos of Miss O to a minimum. Until someone tells me otherwise, of course. :)

This should maybe be Char-Grill's next ad.

Look what I found. Just for you.

See! There are lots! And if you hurry,
you may can taste one before anyone notices.

Hangin' tough.

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