Sunday, August 14, 2011

My waterboys.

We went to our beach house this weekend with good friends Christal, Buddy and Hadley. I have lots of fun pictures to share. But, first. You must see and enjoy this series of shots of Rusty and Asher enjoying the ocean together. So stinkin cute. I had this huge permagrin on my face the entire time I was editing these. Well, and while we were actually enjoying the moment itself. I grinned then, too.

It went something like this. Over and over again.

Rusty: "Asher, here it comes! Here comes the wave!"

(Both boys point at approaching wave.)

Rusty: "Ready? Woooo!"


Asher: Giggle. Giggle. Squeal of delight.

Ah, does my heart good.

(p.s. Taken with my old point and shoot. No way was Rusty letting our new camera anywhere near that beach.)

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