Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our waterboy

Well, I think Rusty got his wish. This kid seems to be a waterboy. He loves all things water and seems to have no fear. (My heart skips a beat.)

Friday, in an effort to surely wear out the waterboy and ensure us both a good nap (which, didn't happen, by the way) we went outside and played with the water hose. No need for fancy sprinklers or sand and water tables here. Just some Target buckets, random toys and the hose. Really, we just needed the hose. The other items were just sideline bonuses.

Asher plodded around the driveway with the hose. Experimenting with moving it around and watching the water follow. It was a cute thing to watch.

Then, he aimed that thing right at his face and was shocked by the result. I heard him gasp audibly as the water toppled onto this head. And then he burst out laughing. At the same time, he couldn't figure out how to get the water to stop blasting him in the face. He just walked around in circles squirting water in his own face, and thinking it was hilarious and rather alarming, too.

Then it hit him: Oh, I control this thing. Got it.

It was so freaking funny. I literally peed my pants watching. Yes, I typed that and yes, I'm serious. (Come on, I've had one kid and preggo with another. You know it happens.) I called Rusty laughing so hard I was crying and informed him of the situation. I then ran inside and grabbed my camera to capture this great toddlerness.

And this is when the real fun began. Squirt here. Squirt there. Splash, splash, stomp. Explore. Giggle. Play in the grass. Gather some sticks. Chase my mom with the water. Hose myself in the face repeatedly. Up. Down. Up. Down. Don't make me go insiiiiiiiiide.

Good times. Good times. Love it. Love, love, love this kid. I mean, I know ya'll know that. But, just saying.

Happy weekending!

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