Monday, August 8, 2011

Poll: Chinese gender predictor

Ok. It's about to get a little complicated here. We've all heard of the Chinese gender predictor chart, right? My last OB had a chart inserted in their pregnancy packet for fun. And of course, I've looked at some versions online.

And I quickly realized - they are not all the same! How am I supposed to believe one or the other, or any of them? So, this brought about a few things that puzzle me. (I'm about to list them. I told you this was complicated.) But this is how my mind works and I need someone else to think it through with me.

I realize this is all in good fun. But I want to share these, find out how accurate they were for others and then, maybe just maybe, find a chart that's more accurate than all the rest. And, have it predict Kroboth Numero Dos for me. See? Simple as that.

So, what I found out along the way -
  • Lunar age - Apparently there's this conversion to your Chinese Lunar age that is necessary in order to accuaretly predict the gender of your kid. This site says "Without a correct lunar mother age and a correct lunar month of baby conception, the result of your calculation will be totally different."

    Um, none of the other charts mention this lunar age. Does this mean that conversion is already done? Or they are just ignoring that factor?

    For the record, when I was 29 and got preggo with Asher, my lunar age was 30. So, that meant the prediction was girl girl girl across the majority of the year. This time around, my lunar age is 32 and it predicts girl girl girl again.

    (I have probably either totally lost you or bored you. At this point. My apologies. Moving on...)
  • Date of conception - I know we all just guess dates of conception, right? Is that the time you tried to get preggo or the time that fertilization took place or what? There's a range there.

    In the case of Asher, that range determined whether I was having a boy or a girl when referring to most of the charts. Conception in July - she. Conception in August - he. So I guess it was August, maybe? Who knows.

    According to most charts I've seen for this kid, it's a girl no matter what month I conceived. We're looking again at a possibility of May or June. Both say it's a girl, according to this chart.
  • Different versions - Not only are there versions that mention this lunar age thing, there are just plain different versions in general.

    Evidence: this chart says Asher was a boy no matter if he conceived in July or August. (It does show that Dos is a girl, though, again.)
You get the point I'm trying to make here, right? Sigh. So much data!

I found a website that was trying to poll people to determine which of two versions was more accurate. It wasn't set up very well though, so I got lost in the process. But I did see the results were pretty much the same. Both were accurant 60-something% of the time.

All of the charts seem to indicate a resounding 'girl' prediction for Kroboth Numero Dos. We shall see somewhere around week 20. For the record, I would love to have a daughter. But, I also would love to have another boy. (I keep hearing how girls are so much harder!) What matters most is that this kid is healthy.

If you want to humor me, click on the links above and tell me if they were right for you. Leave a comment and let me know. Or you can shake your head and think, "That girl is crazy for thinking this through." :)

Good times. Exciting times.


RunnerGirl said...

Every single one says Boy for me - and unless I get a surprise come late September - that's what I'll be having!

nana said...

OK, you proved in are more analytical, smarter, and complicated than me! I could only follow a little of that (as you predicted); but I will start buying pink...maybe.

Leigh said...

The lunar age one said girl which is what we're expecting, the other 2 said boy which is what my gut told me we're having. Ultrasounds have proven time and again though that my gut is wrong lol.

Anonymous said...

Did you know they now make a test that you use like a pregnancy test, you can take it at 10 weeks and I've heard it's very accurate...

Home - Check said...
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