Sunday, August 28, 2011

Pregnancy super power: sense of smell

Since being pregnant, my super power sense of smell has been in full force. I smell things around the house that no one else does.

Example. One night, I woke up in the middle of the night convinced that our upstairs smelled like a porta john. In reality, it was a wet diaper in the bathroom down the hall that probably should have gone into the diaper pail. I seriously could not sleep until that smell was gone. So I disposed of the diaper, sprayed some Lysol and finally went back to sleep.

Tonight, the sense of smell made for a fabulous walk around the neighborhood. Here's what I smelled and the memories/thoughts they brought to mind.

  • Grass clippings - Back home, for some reason. And summer.
  • Something dead - Nausea, wondering if someone was dead in that house since it was so overgrown and stunk. Morbid, I know.
  • Barn - I don't know where this scent came from, but it reminded me of when I showed a goat at the fair with the 4-H as a child. Smelled like the inside of that barn. 
  • Grill mixed with smoke - College. Ah, college. Smelled like a walk through campus.
All within a short 10-minute walk. See how fun that was? 

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