Thursday, August 18, 2011

This is the story about a boy. And his rain.

Once upon a time, a little boy named Asher discovered the rain.
Pouring off the roof. It amazed him.

He stayed at that window for as long as he was allowed.
And then, something magical happened.
His momma took him outside to play.

After a few minutes of feeling the water with his hands, Asher
bound out onto the patio, toddling in the rain.

He didn't mind that he was getting soaked. In fact, he loved it.
Asher signed 'more, more' again and again. Running down to the grass.
Smiling, squealing. Splashing around.

Seeing a new area full of puddles, Asher darted to the front yard.
He stomped in the water. Then realized, "There are rocks in this water!"

So, he sat down and played with them.
Until his momma became nervous that he was sitting under a tree.
In a puddle. And there was thunder.

Back inside Asher came. Covered in water and dirt. And happy as can be.
The end.

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