Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Baby necessity (at least for me): Clean Shopper shopping cart cover

As much as I try, I just can't plop Asher in the shopping cart without his cart cover. I've read articles about the bacteria and feces and such found on shopping carts. And think about it, these things are never washed. Unless, they happen to ride out a good rainstorm in the parking lot and a good drying out from the sun.

Anyways, I found an awesome cart cover at a consignment sale before Asher was born. Without realizing it, I had purchased a Babe Ease Clean Shopper cart cover. These things retail for more than the covers you'll find at Target or Walmart. But, their coverage and durability is fan-freaking-tastic. They have fit every size of cart I've ever put them on. They velcro around the edges. And machine washing is a breeze.

Recently, I picked up a second one for $4 at the big kids sale at the fairgrounds. Now, I can alternate which one is in the wash and which is riding along the car. I also ditched my Fisher Price high chair cover and just use the Clean Shopper. It's a little baggy, but it does the trick (especially on those funky shaped high chairs at K&W Cafeteria).

I just saw on Facebook that effective Sept. 15, Babe Ease is closing down so the owner can pursue a dream career in screenwriting. What does this mean for all of us? We need to go get Clean Shoppers now before they go away forever. Consider this your tip from me. And right now, they are 35% off. I imagine that will likely increase.

Enjoy germ free shopping!

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