Friday, September 9, 2011

Cute overload. Park date with the triplets.

There are not enough words for the loveliness in these photos. These sweet triplets may be the most photogenic babes ever. So fun to capture them playing at the park with Asher!

To me, this park date was exhausting since everyone now knows how to roam, where they want to roam, what they want to climb, what they want to pick up and eat and where they do not want to go. And, we had three adults to four kids. Yes we needed that many adults - there was no fence around the perimeter and multiple play areas for the kids to choose from. I had my workout, for sure.


Anonymous said...

Great pics. What park are you at? I live in Knightdale and I am always looking for new parks to try with my 4! Love your blog by the way :)

Kira said...

Hi, thanks! We are at Glen Eden Pilot Park in Raleigh. It's where we had Asher's first birthday party, too. It's tucked away in a nice, quiet neighborhood. Love it! Thanks for reading!

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