Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Asher's first trip to the NC State Fair

We spent the day as a family at the NC State Fair last Friday. And, had a large time!

We covered a lot of ground. At least that is what my poor feet said by the time we made it back to the car.

We checked out most of the livestock, the honey exhibit (for Rusty), some crafts and such. We didn't have much to do with the food other than a quick lunch, funnel cake and sweets to bring home.

The best part was riding rides with our boy. He loves being swung around and anything with speed and bumps, so we were so pumped to see how he reacted to the rides. We scoped out the rides that allowed kids under 36" to ride with an adult.

First up. Mom. Asher. And the swings! He was totally enthralled with their motion while waiting in line. But once we got in that seat and had to sit there while everyone else slowly loaded up, he was not having it. So, by the time it started, he was a little distracted. He held on tight to me, snuggled in (read: clung to me) and had fun! (I hate how these photos makes me look like a huge giant in munchkin land. But, for the sake of memories, here they are.)

Next up, the silly looking train with dad!

That train was too tame. Next up, the big fire truck! This one was no joke. Rusty and Asher had a great position in the second row. I had a great position with the camera. Until that giantly tall guy who reminds me of the Blue's Clues replacement dude chose the row with the tiny toddler to squeeze in with his equally tall kid. And there went my view. And Asher's view and Rusty's view. But I'm not bitter or anything.

Rusty said everytime the truck went down, Asher would squeeze him tight. But, he seemed ok with it! No tears at all. Hooray for adventures with Asher.

And the highlight of Asher's day: the winning of the baaaaallll. Ball! Ball! Baaaaalllll! He skipped the duck pick up and grabbed the green ball of his choosing. Then he went back and chose the 'winning duck' for the green ball already in our possession. Then we pried him away from the barrels of balls surrounding the game. That part wasn't pretty.

Next, a little nap in the stroller (can't remember the last time THAT happened). Rusty and I walked around a bit and looked at some exhibits for ourselves. And then made our way back to Carter Finley and our car. Success at the fair, my friends!

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