Monday, October 3, 2011

Our weekend recap

This weekend, Asher attended his first Wolfpack football game!  We had great tickets (50 yard line, lower level) and an awesome parking spot just outside of Vaughn Towers. Very convenient with a toddler.

And, Asher LOVED it. The sweet little girl behind us had Asher doing the wolf sign by the end of the game. (We have video proof. Stay tuned.) He danced to the band. Learned to say 'first down'. And learned the fundamentals of football from his dad.

Side note: In all my years of attending Wolfpack football games, student years included, I've never been puked on. Until this weekend. Some drunk girl three people down got sick all over herself and everyone within a two-person radius. And, on her way out, smeared it on Rusty, me and the woman next to me. It was dis-gust-ing. Thankfully, we all had a back up layer of clothing in the car. Yuck. And, of course I had the hand sanitizer to share with all who needed it.
So, then, Sunday we enjoyed a family outing to Laurel Hills Park. I recruited Rusty to do all the crawling around the tunnels and following Asher. I stayed on the ground and took cute photos. Too cute. All the way around.

And, a big shout out to my husband. This weekend, he not only let me sleep in a bit, but he emptied and reloaded the dishwasher and made Asher meals and cleaned up. And folded a mountain of clothes. I didn't even ask him to do these things. He's pretty amazing. Thanks, babe.

More cuteness because I'm a freak with this camera.
Don't worry, it was decaf.
Future point guard.

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