Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Baby Dos Experience @ 27 & 28 weeks

Yes, a 28 week wagon photoshoot. Cuz we're cool like that.

Playing catch up here a tad.

When I was pregnant with Asher, I remember telling people I was hobbling because I felt like I had been kicked in the crotch by a horse. Just a bruised feeling.

In the last few weeks, that feeling has returned. And in the last week - WHEW - it's gotten a lot worse. Putting on my shoes, pants, getting in and out of the car, turning over in bed, walking. All of those hurt in a really bad way. I called my OB and they had me come in before Thanksgiving just to be sure all was ok. And it was, in that Dos is chilling and doing great. But, it seems my pubic bone is separating.

This is normal at the very end of pregnancy, when your hormones tell your ligaments to loosen up to prepare for birth. Not so normal now where the left side of my pubic bone is heading on outta there. There's no harm to Dos. Just painful as hell for me.

There's a medical term for it. I just call it my separated pubic bone and some obscenities sprinkled along in there, too. The OB says she's seen a patient in a wheelchair until delivery because hers separated so horribly she couldn't walk. My options were to buy a support band that goes from my crotch to my neck (um, no thanks) or go see a chiropractor. Yes, please.

My mom went to a chiropractor when she was pregnant with me and Joni. She went from bed rest early in her pregnancy with me (per her orthopedic doctor) to teaching up until she delivered me (with the help of her chiropractor). Back then, they were really seen as a far out approach to medicine or healing. Now, they are definitely more widely accepted.

My OB referred me to a practice that specializes in pediatric and pregnancy care. I went on Monday of this week and I go again tomorrow morning. She did an exam and adjusted me. Turns out, my entire pelvis is out of line which is likely causing a lot of my pain. My pubic bone is, in fact, separating and there are some things she can try to do to help with that. But, the reality is it may just keep right on happening. She can however help align my pelvis, which could help with the pubic bone along the way.

She showed me a pelvis skeleton thingie and everything made so much sense. She said a lot of women that are hoping for VBACs can find a lot of help from chiropractic care. The uterus needs to be aligned, pelvis, spine and all in order for contractions to do exactly what they are meant to do. Makes sense to me. We shall see. But that whole VBAC is another post for another day.

I am hoping for some relief in the pubic pelvic department tomorrow after my adjustment. (Rusty just said it sounds like I'm writing a porno. No, no, nope. Just talking about pregnancy pains.) Overall though, still feeling good. Energy is up. Weight gain is under control. Excited to meet Dos!

Oh! And in other news. I'm coming off my meds gradually. I can definitely feel the OCD and anxiety heightening, but I'm trying to stick with no meds for the third trimester. We'll see how that goes. I'm not going to drive myself and everyone around me crazy if it just is more than I can handle. I'll just stick with the lowest dose possible if I need to.

Ok. Done updating now. Goodnight!

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