Monday, November 21, 2011

First Christmas Parade

This is so fun; all of these firsts.

I had high hopes for our parade outing, and while it was a fun first adventure, the parade wasn't so spectacular itself. We were near the beginning of the route and I think that they just didn't have the timing right. There would be minutes of no action between each group. Which, with a toddler and an antsy husband, isn't so desirable.

Joni and I, though, could have sat back and watched all day happily (well, if we had found a bathroom nearby). So, we didn't last the whole parade. But Asher did have a lot of 'whoooaa' and 'wow' and 'balloon' action. And a lot of irritable-don't-make-me-sit-here-another-minute action.

He cleared his own little path from our seats three rows back to the curb. It made for a lot of up and down action for us, chasing him. He's certainly not shy.

Here are a few pics. Camera battery was dying, so I didn't get as many as I'd like. But, still the cuteness of this kid shines through.

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