Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My toddler watches TV.

Asher is a TV fan. He has been since he was little bitty.

I kid you not; when he was screaming with colic and nothing would calm him - all you had to do was cuddle him in front of the Wonderpets and the kid would settle down. Seriously. I hated that damn intro tune because I heard it so much, but it was a lifeline for our sanity.

And when he was a few months older, he would smile ear to ear every time Mickey Mouse's ears would come over the hill at the beginning of every Clubhouse episode. And, once again, I hated that damn 'hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog' closing song. (For real, what happened to the good 'ole Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme song from back in my day? Loved that one.)

These days, I keep him from watching shows I don't like so much. Like Spongebob and Phineas and Ferb and anything else that annoys my hormones at the moment, or just seems plain inappropriate or bratty or meaningless. But, we do watch Sesame Street, Signing Time and Mickey and Disney movies and yes, The Young and the Restless in our house. (The kid stops what he is doing when the theme song starts playing. He's done that since he was tiny. Oopsie.)

I think it's pretty fantastic to watch him interact with these programs. He talks to the characters, counts along with the shows, signs 'bird' when a bird appears on the screen, says 'Bye' when Blue turns in for the night. (I can't stand this show, but it's Rusty and Asher's bedtime ritual.) He starts saying 'mine, mine, mine' in the moments before the seagulls try to eat Dori and Marlin. He giggles and dances and sings along with Choo Choo Soul. He points out Elmo when we pass him in stores.

And we are totally ok with it. We like it, even. I grew up watching Sesame Street every day at Miss Pat's house. And the episode of Mr. Ed from the night before when I woke up each morning. And I think I'm pretty smart. So, watch on Asher. Watch on and learn and blossom and grow. We won't listen to the American Academy of Pedia-whoevers on this one.

That is all.


nick p wester said...
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Anonymous said...

So glad I am not alone in letting my toddler watch TV. Chase LOVES TV (this he gets from me!). He talks to the shows and interacts just like Asher. And watching TV each night before bed is our nightly ritual.

Jenni C.

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